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Q – I already have an accreditation in coaching, is this right for me?

A – Yes. Modules 1-4 are based on mastering foundations, after this everyone is on a level playing field in terms of knowledge.

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Q- Do I need to have coaching experience to become an Intuitive Psychology Coach?

A-No, you don’t. IPA will provide you with everything you need and support you on your journey to becoming an embodied and accredited Coach.

Q- How do I apply?

A- You can apply through the 'apply now' buttons throughout the website.

Q- How long will I have access to the learning material?

A-Once you graduate, you will have lifetime access to all the training material,

Q- How much time should I set aside for my Intuitive Psychology Coach Training each week?

A- Every learner’s journey is different

Q- I live outside of the UK. Can I still do this?

A- Yes! Absolutely.

Q- I work full time. Is this training suitable for me?

A- Absolutely. Our training is designed to fit into busy schedules, and we’ll be on hand to support throughout.

Q- I've had all of my questions answered, and I'm ready to get started, can I sign up to this, without having to apply or book in a call?

A- We love that you are ready to go and want to secure your place.

Q- What is the cost, and is there payment plan options?

A- The cost is £5495+ VAT (unless you sign up for one of our early bird offers).We recognise that it’s not a one size fits all in terms of payment plans, so we’ll work with you on an individual basis

Q- What is the deadline for enrolment?

A- 25th March 2024

Q- What is the refund policy?

A- When you sign up, you have a 14 day money back guarantee

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Q- What makes an Intuitive Psychology Coach different from other coaches?

A- We offer the world’s first and only Advanced Diploma in Intuitive Psychology Coaching, accredited by the Association of Coaching.

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