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Better humans create better worlds.

Imagine a world where we all knew ourselves better.


We knew the natural power of our minds, understood the way they work, and how to redirect our thoughts towards positive, intuitive healing. 


Where we improved our inner worlds, to improve our outer world. 


And by thinking and acting more organically, we created ripple effects and collectively improved the way society tackles its problems.

That’s the magic of Intuitive Psychology Coaching. 


By championing more holistic and open-minded methods, coaches can be proud of their profession, not self-conscious. And by cultivating self-leadership, tuning into what feels right, and drowning out the noise of expectation, we’ll build a future that we can flourish in.


That’s why we’ve created the world’s first, and only, fully accredited diploma to train Intuitive Psychology Coaches.  



We founded The Intuitive Psychology Association to bring our shared values to life, train a new generation of coaches, and restore pride and passion in the coaching industry.

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The founding principle of intuitive psychology: being radically honest with yourself and others and adhering to the highest ethical standards in everything you do and say as a coach.

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Examining your own self-judgement and self-worth in a productive and responsible way, and leaning into discomfort to find power and strength in openness.

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Understanding your clients in their own context –   as individuals of faith, culture, sexuality, gender, race, and class – to coach inclusively, sensitively, and comprehensively.

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Connection & Community

Creating a safe space for clients, and coaches, to learn from circular conversations of inclusion and shared experience.

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Being true to yourself and holding fast to your own values – whilst also being attuned to your clients’ needs, beliefs, and aspirations.

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Purpose Driven Passion

Honing your beliefs, skills, and trained expertise into a movement that will change the world.

Together, we can make a difference in the world.


By graduating with us, you're not only investing in your education but also contributing to a greener planet with a tree planted in your name. Join us in our mission to create a better future for ourselves and the environment.

Meet your Trainers

Intuitive Psychology Coach Sarah Headshot .png


2x Published Author • BSc (Hons) in Social Psychology • Pg Dip in Careers Guidance • Qualification in Career Development (QCD) • Institute of Leadership & Management (ILD) Level 5 • NLP Practitioner (ANLP) • Certificate in Business and Life Coaching (Association for Coaching) •  Member of the British Psychological Society (BPS)

Sarah Gregg is a psychologist, coach, and author of Find Your Flow and Choose Happy – with 85,000 books sold internationally.


As one of the industry’s go-to experts in the psychology of Flow, Sarah’s pioneering work  and unique take on the subject has been cited in the The British Journal of Mental Health Nursing and twice published by Rock Point.


An expert with a passion for turning complex theory into easy-to-use practices, Sarah has helped hundreds of people transform their lives through her coaching business The Power To Reinvent.


From a successful career delivering corporate training for IKEA, House of Fraser, and the European Commission – to travelling the world and teaching her clients how to use psychology to find and pursue their purpose, Sarah’s mission is to empower everybody to find and uphold authentic, aligned fulfilment.

Now she brings her scientific expertise, real life experiences, and passionate leadership to The Intuitive Psychology Association.


Creator & Host of Apple which reached UK Top 3 Podcast • Accredited Intuitive Healing Coach • Featured in Happiful Magazine & Thrive Global • Certified in Diverse Coaching Modalities • Wellness Healing Residential Retreat Leader • Mental Health & Wellness Guest Expert in UK Blog Awards

Jill Ritchie is an accredited life coach, energy healer, and host of the award-winning She Loves Herself podcast.


From leading wellness masterclasses for Virgin Money and Aviva, to teaching actors and olympic athletes how to access the power of intuitive healing, Jill exudes passion, authenticity, vulnerability, and self-empowerment.


Having radically reinvented her own life, from outwardly successful career banker to authentically successful life coach, Jill has since helped more than 500 clients follow her lead of using spirituality to find their own meaning and alignment.

Embodying vulnerability, intimacy, self-love, self-trust, and the beauty of taking responsibility for your own life – Jill now brings her unrivalled experience and expertise to The Intuitive Psychology Association.

Intuitive Psychology Coach Jill Headshot .png

What will you learn?

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