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Intuitive & Intelligent Manifesting Workshop buy it now for £27

If you're seeking a meaningful shift in your life but aren't sure where to start, then this transformative 2-hour workshop is for you.  You’ll be guided through exercises that rapidly connect you to your intuition so that you can release past limitations and create space for intelligent and intuitive manifestations. This workshop will show you how to slow down, relax and trust.

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This is for You if you…..

  • Feel trapped in old patterns and eager for a change as the new year approaches.

  • Are overwhelmed by the endless streams of online advice, dictating how you should live your life.

  • Crave a deeper connection with your intuition, seeking a profound sense of confidence, certainty, and trust in yourself.

  • Feel ready to end self-sabotage and feel worthy to step into your full potential.

  • Want to break-free from imposter syndrome and feel safe to be fully seen.

  • Know it’s time let go of the past and create space for an aligned, authentic future.

This isn't just another "new year, new you" workshop. At The Intuitive Psychology Association, we firmly believe that you already possess everything necessary to lead a meaningful, fulfilling life on your terms. You can expect transformative, powerful results in real-time. Because when your past makes sense, you can enjoy the present and flourish in your future

In this workshop you can expect

  • An intuitive healing journey that integrates shadow psychology, meditation and breathwork.

  • To clear old energy and feel a deep sense of self-trust.

  • Learn how to apply intuitive and intelligent manifesting in your life

  • Experience radical self-acceptance, embracing all aspects of your being with love and compassion.

  • Accelerate self-awareness and personal growth, gaining profound insights into your patterns and motivations.

  • Integrate your shadow, accessing hidden potential and unleashing authenticity and harmony in your life.

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